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900A Current Transducers For DC Current Measurement

900A Current Transducers For DC Current Measurement

  • 900A Current Transducers For DC Current Measurement
900A Current Transducers For DC Current Measurement
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Detailed Product Description
Maximum Range: 200A~900A Storage Temperature: -40 - 125
Output Voltage (linear): Vout=(Uc/5)·(V0+G·Ip) Zero Output: 2.5
Current Consumption: 13 Load Resistance: 10
Load Capacitance: 1 Electrical Zero Offset: ±2.5
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900A Current Transducers


3us Response Current Transducers

NACA.XXXL-S6/SP5VA Current Transducers

Product Details

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NACA XXXL-S6/SP5VA series current sensor is suitable for accurate measurement of AC, DC and pulse current isolation. The primary side and the secondary side are completely insulated during measurement.

Performance requirements
parameter name symbol unit parameter condition
Minimum Typical value Max
Electrical parameters
Maximum range IP A 200A~900A For more details, please contact CRRC
Storage temperature TS °C -40   125  
voltage UC V 4.75 5 5.25  
Output voltage (linear) Vout V Vout=(Uc/5)·(V0+G·Ip) @UC
Sensitivity G mV/A 2000/Ip @UC=5V
Zero output VO V   2.5   @UC=5V
Current consumption IC mA   13 15 @UC=5V, No load on Vout
Load Resistance RL 10      
Load capacitance CL nF   1 10  
Output internal resistance ROUT Ω     1 DC
Performance parameter
Zero output error X0 %   ±0.65   @TA=25℃, UC=5V
  ±0.9   @-40℃<TA<125℃, UC=5V
Sensitivity error   %   ±2.25   @TA=25℃, UC=5V, 200A≤Ip≤800A
  ±2.5   @TA=25℃, UC=5V, Ip = 900A
  ±3.25   @-40℃<TA<125℃, UC=5V,200A≤Ip≤800A
  ±3.75   @-40℃<TA<125℃, UC=5V, Ip = 900A
Electrical zero offset FLY mV   ±2.5    
Magnetic zero offset FROM mV   ±3    
Proportional error .R %   0.5    
Linearity error εL % -1   1 of full range
Response time tr μs   3    
bandwidth BW kHz 40     @ -3dB
Phase difference ∆φ ° -4     @DC to 1kHz


Series size
900A Current Transducers For DC Current Measurement 0900A Current Transducers For DC Current Measurement 1


Mechanical parameters Remarks
● Plastic case PA 66 GF 25
● Magnetic core FeSi wound core
● Mass 50g

900A Current Transducers For DC Current Measurement 2

● VOUT>VO when IP flows in the positive direction (see arrow on drawing)

Electrical Interface
900A Current Transducers For DC Current Measurement 3



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