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1us Response 200A Magnetic Balance Hall Current Transducer

1us Response 200A Magnetic Balance Hall Current Transducer

  • 1us Response 200A Magnetic Balance Hall Current Transducer
1us Response 200A Magnetic Balance Hall Current Transducer
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Detailed Product Description
Rated Measuring Current IPN (A): 200 Measuring Range IP (A): 0~±300
Turns Ratio: 1:2000 Power Supply Voltage VC (V): +/-12V~+/-15V(+/-5%)
Rated Measurement Output ISN (mA): 100mA Secondary Side Current Consumption IC (@±24V): ≤20mA+
Isolation Withstand Voltage: 6kVrms/50Hz/1min Basic Error δi (@IPN,TA=25℃): ≤±0.5%
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1us Response Hall Current Transducer


200A Hall Current Transducer

NT208-S/SP1 Current Sensor

Product Details

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The magnetic balance Hall current sensor is suitable for accurate measurement of AC, DC and pulsating current isolation. The primary side and the secondary side are completely insulated during measurement.


product advantages Applications Reference standard
High precision AC inverter AC EN50178
Good linearity Battery powered
Low temperature drift Converter/Inverter
Broadband UPS/SVG
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Main electrical parameters
Rated measuring current IPN (A) 200
Measuring range IP (A) 0~±300
Turns ratio 1:2000
Power supply voltage VC (V) +/-12V~+/-15V(+/-5%)
Rated measurement output ISN (mA) 100mA
Measuring resistance RM (Ω)  


RMmin RMmax

@ ± 12V, ± 200A: 0Ω ~ 50Ω

@ ± 12V, ± 300A: 0Ω ~ 26Ω

@ ± 15V, ± 200A: 0Ω ~ 73Ω

@ ± 15V, ± 300A: 0Ω ~ 40Ω

Secondary side current consumption IC (@±24V) ≤20mA+
Isolation withstand voltage 6kVrms/50Hz/1min


Accuracy-dynamic parameters
Basic error δi
Linearity δL
Zero output current IO
(@IP=0, TA = 25℃)
≤ ± 0.2mA
Zero temperature drift IOT ± 0.6mA (-25 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃)
Response time ≤1µS
di/dt accuracy >50A/us
Frequency bandwidth BW DC..100kHz


General data
Working temperature Ta -25℃~+85℃
Storage temperature Ts -40℃~+90℃
weight ≤100g

1us Response 200A Magnetic Balance Hall Current Transducer 0


Mechanical characteristics
No tolerance ±1 mm
Sensor installation method one (recommended)

2hole ø4.2mm

2 M4 steel screws

Sensor installation method two (recommended)

2 hole ø 5.4mm

2 M5 steel screws

Recommended torque 2.5 N·m
Busbar size (recommended) Ø15mm
Secondary side electrical connection Three core pressure coupling






1. When the measured current direction is consistent with the direction marked on the sensor, the sensor output ISN is positive.
2. The secondary side connection line of the product is preferably a shielded line. The shielding layer is close to the product end and the connection line can be connected to the case, and the negative power supply or power supply 0V.
3. The verticality requirements for the mounting screw holes of the power sensor: it is required to be level 8 or above (or below 0.06) in the national standard.
4. The flatness requirements for the installation surface of the power sensor:
(a). The flatness of the large plane installation is national standard 11 or above (or the flatness is less than 0.25mm);
(b). The flatness of the installation surface is designed with small round bosses It is required to reach the national standard level 12 or above (or the plane fluctuation is less than 0.5mm);
5. No tolerance ±1mm is noted;

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